Tomato Paste Vetro

Tomato Paste PAV

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Product of Italy
Double Concentrated Paste 

Whether you’re enhancing your tomato sauce or making a tomato-based soup, most of us open that small can of paste fully intending to finish it up later on in the week in another recipe. And then it happens. We forget. It gets lost in the fridge, only to resurface once it’s too late. And while it isn’t a major financial loss — it’s frustrating in its wastefulness.

But alas, there’s a solution — and it doesn’t require that you eat tomato-based meals every day. It’s much simpler than that. It’s tomato paste in a tube instead of a can. I know. This isn’t revolutionary. You’ve probably passed by this item at the grocery store numerous times. But in a way, it’ll change your life. If you spend an extra couple of dollars on a tube you’ll have a supply of tomato paste at the ready — and one that will sustain for a much longer period of time.