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Artisan Spaghetti Pasta De Cecco

Weight: 500g

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Product of Italy

De Cecco Artisan Spaghetti Pasta is one of the best pasta available. Made from 100% semolina flour, De Cecco uses bronze dies to cut the pasta, which makes a really big difference in quality. The surface is much, much rougher, which means that the pasta cooks better and absorbs the sauce as it's meant to.

Although many people outside Italy think the classic sauce for spaghetti is bolognese, the Italians think that it really should go on tagliatelle (it sticks better).  Instead, the most popular and well known recipes are carbonara, alle vongole (with clams), amatriciana, aglio e oli (garlic and olive oil), good old tomato sauce and puttanesca sauce.

Suggestions for perfect cooking: use 6 quarts of water per 250g of pasta. Add salt and when the water is boiling, Pour in the pasta. Stir occasionally. Cook for 12 minutes, drain and season to taste.