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Kalamata Whole Olives Iliada

Olives Kalamata Iliada 3.1kg

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Product of Greece

These olives are in a brine with a bit of oil and are the freshest, tastiest, whole Kalamata olives you can get. They do not need to be refrigerated and come with a plastic stopper inside to make sure the olives stay below the brine. These internationally acclaimed Kalamata olives are black to dark purple in colour, almond-shaped and juicy with a characteristic rich fruity flavour. Naturally sun-ripened on the tree before harvested by hand to protect their sensitive flesh and marinated in brine and natural vinegar with no added preservatives. Use whole Kalamata olives to create an authentic Greek salad, to accompany cheese or to add the colour and taste of the Mediterranean to your vegetable trays.