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Granoro Lasagne Egg Pasta

Weight: 500g

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Product of Italy

 Lasagne Pasta Granoro are long flat sheets of pasta made with eggs,

Lasagne are probably one of the oldest forms of pasta. The ancient Romans ate a dish known as ‘lasana’ or ‘lasanum’ which is believed to have been similar to today’s lasagne al forno (baked lasagna). 

Today, lasagne al forno is a classic dish in many Italian regions and recipes vary from region to region. In Emilia-Romagna and most of Northern Italy, it is made with fresh or dried egg pasta and a classic bolognese sauce, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and bechamel sauce.  While in Southern Italy, Neapolitan lasagna, a typical carnival dish in Campania, is prepared with Neapolitan ragu, meatballs, cow’s ricotta, provola and pecorino cheese.