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Crostini with anchovies and butter

Anchovies on toast – the simplest but most delicious combination of perfect ingredients. Sometimes, ‘less is more’ in cooking

Anchovies on Toast


6–12 slices of best-quality white sourdough bread
6–12 anchovy fillets preserved or oil, preferably Ortiz anchovies
30g cold, unsalted butter preferably one which is light and creamy
1 unwaxed lemon
Optional: finely chopped red peppers in oil

Grill or toast the bread so it is coloured on both sides. Allow to cool so that the butter remains firm.
Remove from the oil from the anchovy fillets and dab off excess with kitchen towel.
Optional: Mix butter and chiles in a small bowl and put in the fridge for a short time to keep the butter firm.
Cut the butter into enough slices for each piece of bread and lay it on top. 
Lay one or two anchovy fillets on top of each slice and grate over a few strands of lemon zest before serving.

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